Quality Systems | GearTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Sangli

Quality Systems

Every Gear-Tech products goes through very stringent testing and inspection at every stage of manufacturing and before it is supplied for actual operation.

We provides total Gear & Mechanical Power Transmission Solutions to Industry. Company is based at Sangli- 230 Km. away from Pune, the Leading Industrial Hub of State Maharashtra (India).

The Tests are carried out according to latest standards and meet the exact rigorous performance even more than the expectation of customers.

Third Party inspections are welcome with reputed agencies.


After complete in-house machining with advanced machines and latest machining techniques before assembly gears, are tested for -

  1. Gear accuracy - precisely tested with Lead and Profile Tester
  2. Dye penetration Test (Grinding Burns and micro Cracks)
  3. Magnetic Particle Analysis Test ( for further crack detection)
  4. Nitle Etching Test (only for high speed critical gears)
  5. Roll Scan Testing, Surface analyzer (for ultimate perfection)

At Gear-Tech, Quality is prime object and customer satisfaction beyond expectation is the desire. Our quality assurance appears strongly at every stage of manufacturing.

Casing / Housing

The raw material are checked for all required NDT tests like ultrasonic test For oil leak proof ness, kerosene, water fill test is carried for required time Housing machining are carried out with D.R.O. equipped H.B.M. to ensure parallelism, perfect center distance, bore ovality.

Dimensional measurements

Dimensional analysis report are carried out during each machining process to ensure execution of proper manufacturing Tolerances.

We have complete range of Micrometers, Span Micrometers, Bore Dial Gauges and vast range of measuring instruments which are calibrated regularly.

We believe in Partnering with customers to produce unmatched quality hence always welcome customers to witness during any manufacturing stage.

Complete documentation of test reports is provided which gives excellent history records and support for future supply.