Designs | GearTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Sangli


  • Our Selection for Gear Transmission capacity always exceeds installed power so no chance of Gears Fail (Bending Strength) at any moment or peak torque moments.
  • Design Executed with Worlds Best Softwares like Kiss-Soft Switzerland by Qualified Engineers. All drafting and design analysis is done with latest softwares as per ISO / DIN / AGMA Standards.
  • For All Critical Drives and Components Finite Element analysis is done precisely.
  • Vast data is developed through reverse engineering and Diagnostic Study of Proven Gear Boxes. For this we have devotional Team of Experts.
  • Gear Grinding is done with Special Profile Corrections, Incorporating Tip Relief,Root Relief to ensure highest efficiency up to 99 %Per Pair, with minimum noise,vibration and temperature rise.
  • With latest CNC Form Grinding facility, We can produce Gears with DIN Quality 2 Class also and with very special Profile corrections.
  • BearinX is used for bearing calculations like bearing life. Bearings types are selected carefully and sizes are selected with Ample Capacity for Efficient & Reliable Working. Proper analysis is carried out for Load Carrying, Shaft Deflection, Precise Tolerances with advanced softwares.

  • Gearbox Housings i.e. Casings are either Cast or for more strength and Short delivery period housings are fabricated with Prime Quality M.S. plates, duly stress relieved before machining after welding.
  • The Housings are Horizontally split Design with All Internals visible and Servicing of the Gearbox is very easy At Plant Level (Maintenance Friendly).
  • The Casing are rigid, robust, torsion resistant and well ribbed in order to withstand vibration, misalignment and to secure proper tooth contact.
  • Also it is to be designed to withstand all horizontal, radial, static and dynamic loads imposed by drive and driven equipments through couplings.
  • End caps are with Special Innovative Grooves before Oil Seal to Eliminate Oil Leakage completely.
  • Casing Finish Machining is done with latest C.N.C. machining centre or H.B.M. or V.M.C. for for Ultimate parallelity and Smooth Perfect Meshing of Gear Pairs.