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Assembly & Testing

Assembly & Testing All wheels, Bearings are shrunk fitted by Proper procedure to ensure interchangeability.

All Spacers are all over ground to ensure proper contact pattern and bearing life.

We carry out following test after assembly:

  1. Various runout checks
  2. Parallelism
  3. Backlash
  4. Contact pattern check includes Teeth mesh / Blue Match

Pre-dispatch Inspection
Gearboxes are strictly tested for:

    1. Temperature
    2. Vibration
    3. Noise Level
    4. Oil Leakages

No load trials are carried out in presence of customer representative.

Back to back locked torque tests can be provided for special applications at highly advanced test stand with latest vibration monitoring system at extra cost for new development products.

Gear Hospital

In past motor powers were selected with ample margin i.e. suppose a mill consumes 400 KW then customers used to buy 600 KW motor. Accordingly Gears were selected with service factor on install power like 2.00 on 600 KW means Gear rating is 1200 KW ultimately the application service factor becomes Gear Rating 1200 KW divided by Consume Power 400 KW = 3.00 hence such transmission products worked for far more than their design life.

There is a vast population of such Gearboxes. Due to growing cut-throat competition, it has become basic need to run the equipments with more or at least maximum capacity. Generally Drive Gearboxes are not replaced and create failures. Also due to poor lubrication, selection and age wrong alignments many Gearboxes failed prematurely.

We run ultimate Gear Hospital leaded by Directors to reduce unexpected break-down with instant, dashing decisions and innovative ideas.

We have strong Assembly Team with well experienced staff. They take due care of assembly commissioning and troubleshooting.